Casino Royale- Action Thriller With Packed Poker Gambling

Casino Royale- Action Thriller with Packed Poker Gambling

Movies and media have always been highly influenced by gambling games ever since past. No wonder James Bond is the only name anyone can come up for the best gambler in the world. With around 27 movies since 1962 to this date, this fictional character almost became the epitome of any great gambling legend.

If you are a Bond fan and like the action thrillers the best, Casino Royale of 2006 should be your choice among his series. Check out what exciting scenes does this movie has to hold you to your seats!

Casino Royale

Blend of action and gambling

James Bond is an alias M16 operative agent sent to track and arrest the shrewd private banker, Le Chiffre. The movie is full of intense action and fighting scenes as Bond chases around Chiffre’s investments and associates, finally tracking him down for a poker game. The opening starts with Bond getting promoted to 00 agent status gaining the license to kill on the spot.

The first embassy scene opens in Madagascar when Bond kills Mollaka, a bomb-maker, and trials behind a corrupt Greek officer and kills him in Miami. The following scenes lead to the failure of Chiffre’s investment, and he ends up losing around $100 million. When Le Chiffre arranges a Texas Hold’Em game to regain his loss, Bond catches the chance to play against him to win and make him surrender to the London government.

Despite poisoning attacks and bodyguard fights, Bond manages to win the deal and drain down Chiffre. Consequently, Mr. White, Le Chiffre’s lender, killed the goon, thus saving Bond and his associate Vesper. Things get worse as Vesper tricks Bond by stealing away his entire gains but unfortunately dies in the Grand Channel accident, and Mr. White leaves with the money. In the end, the promoted agent 007, James Bond, locates Mr.White in Italy and manages to shoot him off.

Casino Royale

The stunning casino scene

If you are waiting for a brilliant James Bond movie in movie, well, the 144 minutes long script has dedicated a 6-minutes long scene power-packed with gripping poker play and changing intensity in the game. The scene is set in a lavish casino where Bond and Le Chiffre bet on a poker game.

In the first round, Chiffre shows up the full house, beating Bond with $50,000. We might expect Bond to take up a good tide in the game, but unfortunately, he loses around $14 million in successive rounds when he couldn’t keep up with luck. Success over success lures Chiffre to bet more chips on the table, ending with a deal of $120 million, which is the game point to watch out for.

Bond makes his strategic move, studies his opponent keenly, and reveals his winning move, the straight flush, ultimately bagging away the whole lot. Keen pokers players might rewind and watch the trick Bond played at the end, but the drama concluded with the takeaway of the genius eye game a poker play needs. Definitely, Bond doesn’t spring up and jump around after his success, but we surely see le Chiffre shedding tears due to his loss and failure against Bond.

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